Webinar:Kapacitor: Service Discovery, pull and Kubernetes

In this webinar, Jack Zampolin will be sharing how Kapacitor's new service discovery and scraping code, allowing any service discovery target that works with Prometheus to work with Kapacitor. Combined with a TICK script, you will be able to use Kapacitor to monitor Prometheus scrape targets, write data into InfluxDB, and perform filtering, transformation and other tasks. With Kapacitor’s user defined functions (UDFs) it becomes trivial to pull in advanced anomaly detection and custom logic.

Michael DeSa

Jack Zampolin is a Developer Evangelist at InfluxData who has a passion for helping customers. Recently, this passion has inspired him to learn everything there is to know about Kubernetes and pass that knowlegde to his customers. He is also a regular contributor to the Telegraf project.