Webinar: A new way to use deploy, monitor, and manage your fleet of IoT connected devices with Resin.io & InfluxData.

Connected devices are just a part of everyday life - smart devices, home automation, and manufacturing and logistics are some of the common IoT examples that are commonplace. But in order to help you take your IoT solutions to the next level to help your customers gain even more efficiencies, you need to understand the behavior of your fleet in real time, iterate your solutions to address any behavior issues of the connected devices as well as continue to innovate your solution at lightning speed.


In this webinar, Resin.io & InfluxData will show you a new way to monitor, develop, deploy, and manage code running on remote devices - quickly, safely, and at scale. The combination of these two solutions will allow you to focus on writing great applications without the stress of keeping your devices in running correctly and up to date.

Jack Zampolin

Jack Zampolin is a Developer Evangelist at InfluxData who has a passion for helping customers. Recently, this passion has inspired him to learn everything there is to know about Kubernetes and pass that knowledge to his customers. He is also a regular contributor to the Telegraf project.