Monitoring with & InfluxData

Anyone can appreciate the promise of flexibility and optimization that containers can bring to your development cycles. But the reality is that most enterprises have to deal with containers across multiple environments - in the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid cloud environments - which can prove to be quite the challenge for the enterprise.

In this webinar, Norman Joyner and Gunnar Aasen will show you that it actually can be simple to deploy, manage and scale containerized applications on a mix of any public or private cloud with Containership. And with this varied environment, you gather metrics and events from your apps and microservices and centrally view and manage all components with InfluxData.

Norman Joyner is the CTO and Co-Founder of Containership.IO where he oversees software development and technical operations. He is passionate about building tools for developers to help them get the most out of their cloud services so they can focus on building their apps faster and better. He has a degree in Information Systems from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Gunnar Aasen is a Partner Engineer at InfluxData whose current programming language of choice is Go. He enjoys helping partners and customers make the most of their InfluxData solutions and is responsible for the AWS architecture, automation and release management of InfluxCloud.